Andrea Jung Ceo of Avon

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Andrea Jung CEO of Avon

By: Theresa Bell

Andrea Jung CEO of Avon
Andrea Jung has had many executive positions during her career as a vice president, merchandising manager, general merchandising manager, senior vice president and general merchandising manager, executive vice president and is now Avon's CEO, a Fortune 500 company, and has been for almost the last decade. She is Avon's first female CEO since it began in 1886. Andrea Jung has introduced new technology to the company and a new line of make-up.

The cosmetics are now being sold in 143 different countries brining its profits up 41%. She gave Avon a revamp when she took over gaining trust, reliability, and gaining a competitive advantage over their competitors. She used a low-cost business-level strategy to gain the advantage over the competitors. The way Avon sales their product has not changed it still sales product by a door to door method, but they used new technology to go worldwide making the company more profitable.

In 2011 Avon profit has dropped 18% making stakeholders question Andrea Jung's business-style management skill today. Avon needs a new plan inorder to gain the advantage over their competitors and this leads the stakeholders to question Andrea Jung's focus on management.

Theresa Bell
Keiser University
Ron Phillips/Principles of Management
December 6, 2011

Andrea Jung CEO of Avon
"From the start, Avon embraced the revolutionary concept of women’s economic empowerment, and this continues to be the driving force for Avon. Building on this rich heritage is Avon’s broader commitment to corporate responsibility and the company’s role as a global citizen. Added to the core commitment to women are two additional pillars of Avon corporate citizenship: philanthropy and environmental stewardship, supported by policies and programs across the company's entire business enterprise to ensure that Avon holds true to its mission and vision."...

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