Andrea Jung - Avon Case Study

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Title: Andrea Jung orchestrates Avon’s Makeover

Effective leadership must have certain personality traits and skills contribute to the effectiveness of leadership. General personality traits associated with personal leadership include self-confidence, humility, trustworthiness, authenticity, extraversion, assertiveness, enthusiasm, optimism, warmth, and sense of humor (Dubrin, 2010, p.34). Another aspect is the skills of leadership which important for leadership success. Cognitive skill is necessary to have in order to be a good effective leader. Cognitive may include the technical competences and creativity that contribute intelligence and knowledge to the business and group. For instance, conceptual thinking helps leaders to understand the long-term implication or actions to take the overall perspective. The creativity gives the ability to make effective decision in business opportunity.

The trait and skill approach to leadership is supported by many studies showing that effective leaders are different from ineffective leader. Nevertheless the trait and skill approach do not tell people which traits and skill are most important in which situation or how much a trait and skill are required. Overall, different situations call for different combination of leadership traits and skills.

The way how leaders influence the followers to put the needs of organization’s vision and goals above their self-interest is depend on the leadership style. Charismatic leaders have self-confidence to motivate the followers, energy and enthusiasm to let the followers believe in the vision and goals, and the ability to communicate well. The transformational leadership style must be able to raise people’s awareness, help people look beyond self-interest and self-fulfillment, understand the need for change and make people commit to the greatness of the company (Hater & Bass, 1988).

Avon Products is a leading global beauty company. Avon Products is successfully become the world’s largest direct seller. Andrea Jung is the first female executive who is appointed as the CEO and chairman of Avon Products. During her tenure as CEO of Avon Products for a decade, she has successfully reinvented the company moving from traditional and door-to-door sales to the global world and now the company has become one of the world’s biggest online retailers.

Andrea Jung keeps unwavering confidence in her strategy and achieves impressive results as she demonstrates her commitments by keep increasing the number of sales from billion to billions. Her strong vision, high standards, deep knowledge of the business, and the high level of confidence in doing the business of Avon Products make people describe her as “ The Rock Star of Avon”. Her friendly smile and string dedication to the company send a message of confidence and success. According to Andrea, there is a big significant difference between being a leader and being a manager. Leaders lead from heart and the flexibility is the key ingredients for being successful leaders.

Andrea Jung’s Leadership Style
Andrea Jung is one of charismatic leader because she has strong need for power and high level of self-confidence as she has successfully reinvented the company moving from traditional and door-to-door sales to the global world and now the company has become one of the world’s biggest online retailers. Beside that, she has strong conviction on her own vision and strategies for the Avon Products Company to keep increasing the sales.

Andrea Jung is also carrying transformational leadership style because she brings positive major changes in the Avon products Company. Andrea Jung confidently started her strategies by undertaking the makeover Avon by pouring money into research and development, expanding the overseas markets, and focusing on jazzy marketing. Jung is practically success reinvented the company. She united its disconnect international operations into...
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