Andrea Jung's Case

Topics: Management, Leadership, Risk Pages: 3 (833 words) Published: September 23, 2012
Being a Leader means| Being a Manager means|
Motivating, influencing, and changing behavior| * Practicing stewardship, directing and being held accountable for resources| Inspiring, setting the tone and articulating a vision| * Executing plans, implementing and delivering the goods and services| Managing people| Managing resources|

Being charismatic| Being conscientious|
* Being visionary| Planning, organizing, directing, and controlling| Understanding and using power and influence| Understanding and using authority and responsibility| * Acting decisively| * Acting responsibly|

Putting people first, the leader knows, response to, and acts for his/her followers| * Putting costumer first, the manager knows, response to, and act for his/her costumer| Leaders can make mistake when: 1. They choose the wrong goals, directions or inspirations, due to incompetence or bad intention. 2. They over lead. 3. They are unable to deliver on, implement the vision due to incompetence or lack of follow through commitment.| Managers can make mistakes when: 1. They fail to grasp the importance of people as the key resources. 2. They under lead; they treat people like other resources, numbers; or 3. They are eager to direct and to control but are unwilling to accept accountability.| 1. Andrea Jung characteristics which are mentioned in the text :

From the table above, we conclude that Andrea Jung has good managerial skills. Actually Andrea’s position in Avon is CEO, which is means that she should have a leadership skill. But, table above shows that Andrea has more managerial skill rather than leadership skill. Even so good managerial skills turn a leader’s vision into actionable items and successful implementation. The failure that Andrea Jung suffered is more to leader’s failure rather than manager’s failure. Andrea chooses the wrong strategy in order...
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