Andean Worlds

Topics: Inca Empire, Túpac Amaru, Sapa Inca Pages: 4 (1569 words) Published: December 15, 2010
Justin Currie
Professor Hinde
November 25th, 2010
Andean Worlds
1. Kenneth J, Andrien. Andean Worlds: Indigenous History, Culture, and Consciousness under Spanish Rule. 1532-1825. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 2001. Print. In his book, Andean Worlds: Indigenous History, Culture and Consciousness under Spanish rule. 1532-1825, the author, Kenneth J. Andrien, examines the Spanish invasion of the Incan Empire (called Tawintinsuyu) in 1532. This invasion brought cataclysmic change to the entire Andean region, resulted in the complete collapse of the empire and the deaths of most of the citizens through war and pestilence in later years. What had once been the proud and content citizens of the most advanced, powerful and large Empire in the Americas had their worlds completely turned on their heads, nobles and peasants alike became slaves in the Spanish conquistadors “encomiendas” while they were forced to basically watch their entire way of life crumble around them. The author, Kenneth Andrien, is as fit a man as any to write a book about the Andean world and its unique way of life before and after the Spanish invasion. He is currently a professor at the Ohio State University where he teaches many undergraduate and graduate courses in Latin American history and Atlantic World history. He has also written four other books and published journal articles on early South America in addition to Andean Worlds. He is also currently a member of the editorial boards of the Colonial Latin American Review and the Anuario de Estudios Americanos. These credentials make him a very knowledgeable man when it comes to Latin America. Chapters one and two focus on the Incan Empire or Tawantinsuyu before the Spanish conquest. Chapter one is more specifically about the different perspectives you have to take into account when discussing Incan history because while there are oral histories there is a complete lack of a written language and as such,...
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