Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Corner Seat

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1. Complete the introduction given below to the story The Story Teller by Saki (H.H. Munro), by using 'a' 'an' or 'the'.


The afternoon was hot, and so was (a) _the_ railway carriage. (b) _The_ next stop was at Templecombe, nearly (c) _an_ hour ahead. In the carriage were a small girl, (d) _a_ smaller girl, and a small boy. (e) _An__ aunt belonging to (f) _the_ children sat in (g) _a_ corner seat, and in (h)_the_ further corner seat on (i) _the_ opposite side, was a man who was a stranger to them, but (j) _the_ small girls and the small boy were (k) _the_ ones who filled the compartment. The children chatted on and on to their aunt, like (l) _a_ housefly that refuses to be put off. Most of the aunt's remarks seemed to begin with "Don't", and nearly all of (m) _the_ children's remarks began with "Why?"

✎Note: if you read Saki's story, he used 'one'  at placeholder (g) i.e.  sat in (g) _one_ corner seat. 'One' is a cardinal determiner which can be used here.

1.1 Answer the following questions


(a) Where were the characters at the time of narration?
⇒ They were in a railway carriage.

(b) Who was travelling with the aunt?
⇒ A small girl,a smaller girl,a small boy and a stranger were travelling with the aunt.

(c) How did the children pass their time?
⇒ They passed their time by chatting on and on to their aunt.

(d) How long would they take to reach Templecombe?
⇒ They would take nearly an hour to reach Templecombe.

(e) How does the aunt respond to the children's antics? Why do you say so? ⇒ The aunt tried to put them off. Most of her remarks began with "Don't".

(Note: antics means amusing behaviour)
2.1 An astronaut is speaking to the Mission Control from her capsule, describing geographical features she can see on Earth. Decide which features she is talking about. Fill in the gaps in the astronaut's description below. Use the names given in the box with the correct determiners (a, an, the). (The first two have been done for you).

Rule: 'The' is used before names of gulfs,rivers,seas,oceans,group of islands and mountain ranges.

"There is very little cloud cover at the moment. I can see (1) India right below me. (2) The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are clearly visible, and of course there is (3) ____________ to the south. I can see where (4) ____________flows into (5) ____________. A little higher are the glistening snows of (6) ____________ but I can't see (7) ____________ itself. I can just make out (8) ____________ to the west. I'm passing over, (9) ____________ right now. To the north, I can just see (10)____________ in the centre of the vast expanse of (11) ____________. In the far north, the ice of (12) ____________is clearly visible."

(1) India
(2) The Andaman and Nicobar Islands
(3) Sri Lanka
(4) The Ganges
(5) The Bay Of Bengal
(6) The Himalayas
(7) Mount Everest
(8) The Persian Gulf
(9) The Tropic Of Cancer
(10) The Lake Baikal
(11) Asia
(12) The Arctic Ocean
3. Choose a suitable word from the options given and complete the story from Tunisia.

A weary traveller stopped at a Bedouin's tent and asked for shelter for the night. Without (a) ____________ delay, the man killed (b) _________ chicken and handed it to (c) ________ wife for (d) _______guest's supper. As the woman stirred the meat in (e) ______________ copper cooking pot, she smelled the rich steam and could not resist tasting (f) _________of the meat and soup, to see if it was soft and tasty. But mouthful followed mouthful, and there wasn't (g) _________ chicken left, but for the neck piece, which she gave to her little son to nibble. The boy found it so tasty that he whined, "Give me (h) ______ more chicken, mother!" The woman slapped the little boy and scolded him: "It's a shameful habit (i) ______ father taught you, enough of it, I tell you!" On the (j)_______ side of the wooden hanging which screened the woman's part of the tent from the rest, the traveller overheard...
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