And Then There Were None

Topics: Man, KILL, Aerosmith Pages: 4 (718 words) Published: February 5, 2015
Vera Claythorne:
Loved a man named Hugo
Hugo’s nephew was the boy she watched
Since the boy was a boy, Hugo lost all the inheritance money and therefore could not marry vera Cyril desperately wanted to swim out to the rock in the ocean Vera knew he was too weak to
Vera told him he could swim out there knowing full well that he would drown The family did not suspect her of killing him, but Hugo knew in his heart that she did so he left her What Vera didn’t know was that Hugo loved Cyril

Dr. Armstrong:
Operated on a lady while he was drunk
The sister (nurse) was aware of this but did not tell on him The lady died
This memory haunts him
Philip Lombard:
Not a good leader
He left 21 men to die
Captain should die with his ship
He was a coward for leaving them

Intro important pillars of society. This is how we live our lives

Every doctor takes a Hippocratic oath which is an oath to practice medicine ethically and honestly.

Vera Swam in easy practiced strokes after him knowing only to surely she wouldn’t be in time He was forbidden to swim out far- his parents forbid him to do this He wants to swim out there- cyril said this

He wasn’t strong-very said this. It doesn’t say why
A small puny child no stamina-vera said this.. it doesn’t sy why The kind of child that perhaps wouldn’t live to grow up. Vera says this. Because hes weak and has no stamina Cyril thought he could swim out to the rock-he says this because he believes he can Vera responded saying she knows he can-she says this because she wants him dead Vera toldhim she would talk to his mom on the beach tomorrow and when she looks up he will be there on the rock waving to her-shes trying to encourage him to swim to the rock because she knows he wont make it and he could swim out to the rock tomorrow-vera says this bcause she planned a way to kill him in a way that no one will everkknow she did it cyril told stories-vera said that he was a liar and always made up stories....
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