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And then there were none

By annakristein Jan 28, 2014 515 Words

Agatha Christie –And Then There Were None

January 25, 2014
Module 11- Unit 3, Activity 5, Assignment 3

And Then There Were None is an intriguing murder mystery novel that follows the lines of a poem called "Ten Little Indians". The story is intricately written to keep the reader in absolute suspense from the beginning to end. As the novel goes on the reader can perceive the characters held captive starting to act like animals. The characters become vicious and do anything in their own power to keep themselves breathing. Lombard is one character the animal like characteristics are shown. Lombard is a dangerous man who carries on gun on him around the clock. Christie describes Lombard as an animal by saying he had “a wolf like smile” and “his teeth showed almost what a snarl was”. She also describes Lombard as a panther “moved like a panther, smooth and noiselessly.” I think this shows that Lombard can be devious but will pounce on his prey as well. Justice Wargrave is another character representing an animal. Wargrave is described as a reptile “Mr. Justice Wargrave closed his eyes again, looking decidedly reptilian.” And when writing “where had he seen that frog –like face and tortoise –like neck, that hunched up attitude- yes and those pale shrewd little eyes?.” I think this shows that Wargrave is aged, and much slower than the other characters but he just as much of a tough shell and vast intellect as the others. Another character taking on the roles of an animal would be Mr. Blore who is described as “his walk was that of a slow padding animal. His eyes were bloodshot. There was a look of mingled ferocity and stupidity about him. He was like a beast at bay ready to charge his pursuers.” I think this means that Blore is laid back but will defend himself when the time is right. Vera is one of the characters that morph into an animal. Vera is described as a bird when Agatha writes “her eyes stared ahead of her in space. She looked dazed. She was like a bird that has dashed its head against glass and that has been picked up by a human hand. It crouches there, terrified, unable to move, hoping to save itself by its immobility.” I believe this shows that Vera has a way about her that makes everyone overlook her. She seems freethinking, innocent, helpless, and harmless. Anthony Marston is referred to as an animal as well. Anthony is described as a bull, has no fears and craves attention. Agatha wrote “Anthony was a creature of sensation –and of action” and “a young bull with no nerves and precious little brains.” I believe this shows that Anthony was the youngest one and he knew that, he got murdered very early in the novel before anyone knew there was something going on, he didn’t have time to defend himself but within the first pages of the novel the reader could tell Anthony would have if he had the chance. (Christie, 1939)

Christie, A. (1939). And then there were none.

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