And Then God Created Teachers

Topics: Vishnu, God, Motivation Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: November 5, 2012
And Then God Created Teachers
“If a doctor makes a mistake a life is in danger, if an engineer makes a mistake a bridge/building is in danger but if a teacher makes a mistake the whole society is in danger.”
When a teacher was being created the God had to work overtime. He was amazed at the kind of values and qualities which were required in the making. He sent his special envoys to find a person who has all the ingredients which were required to make a good teacher. He provided a long list of values and qualities to them. The list included Patience, Compassion, Confidence, Mentorship, Vision, Maturity, Selfless service, Discipline, Punctuality, humility, leadership, knowledge, self motivation etc. The envoys went all over the universe and met many people but could hardly find person with all the ingredients. They observed that the qualities required for a good teacher were becoming extinct and had almost vanished from the society. Then they tried to find if some of them wanted to become a teacher and have some of the qualities so that the other qualities can be perpetuated or inculcated. The envoys were shocked to know that no one wanted to become a teacher. Everyone wanted to pursue a career in Medicine, Engineering and all the other possible avenues in the universe except Teaching. They came back and reported the matter to God Almighty. He was puzzled by the idea of having a society without a teacher. Without teachers it was difficult for him to foresee the existence of mankind on earth. He was worried about the future of mankind without the Doctors, Engineers, Businessmen and politicians as all of them needed a teacher for their existence. Finally He decided to create special people (teachers) with all the ingredients required in the making of a good teacher. It was an uphill task but for the welfare of the society and future of mankind in particular He went on with the project of creating good teachers. It took a long time to...
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