And Still We Rise

Topics: Hillary Rodham Clinton, Interpersonal relationship, English-language films Pages: 2 (635 words) Published: March 22, 2011
“And Still We Rise” Essay
When you were growing up as a young adult, who do you think had more influence in your life? Your parents or your friends, or your community maybe even your teachers at school. I know my parents don’t influence me as much as my community. That’s why I think that this quote “It takes a village to raise a child” by Hillary Clinton relates to the book “And Still We Rise”. I think that the quote relates to the book because the students really get shaped by their community and surroundings. I think that the teachers played the role as a part of the “village”. I also think that the community personnel’s affected the student’s life. Lastly but not least, I believe that the friends also a big part of the students “village”. In conclusion I think that there are many factors that make up the “village”. I assume that the teachers play a huge role in the students’ lives. The teachers for some students were what made them come to school every day. Olivia mentions on how she really likes Mrs. Little, and how she motivated her to do her best in everything. Another example is how Mrs. Little got Sadikifu to stop gangbanging and start concentrating more on his academics. In overall I think that the teachers really influenced the students’ lives. “As you know, I don’t have a family.., I think of you, Miles, Mr. Braxton and Julia” (pg.310). In this quote to Ms. Little from Olivia while she is in jail she mentions the people she thinks most about in jail. She says she thinks about Mr. Braxton. I think that the community personnel’s also influence the student’s lives. In the quote she expresses how she thinks about Mr. Braxton’s well-being. In the movie “Rudy” the janitor helps out Rudy by giving him a place to stay at by putting the key under the mat. He gives the support and love to Rudy that he didn’t get from his parents or family. In conclusion I think that the community personnel play another part of the “village”.

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