Ancova & Factorial Anova

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ANCOVA & Factorial ANOVA

Part A. SPSS Activity

Exploratory Data Analysis
Data was collected for students involved in a pilot research carried out to determine if 5th grade girls do better in small class sizes while boys excel in larger classes.
Bar graphs were formulated to give a clear visual representation of the data and show the relationship between the two genders in the three situations of classroom sizes. (Walpole, 1987) Bar Graph for the Genders in the three classroom sizes


The data was analyzed and the exploratory data analysis results were formulated as follows:

|Gender |Classroom size |Math Score | | | |Mean |Standard Deviation | |Female |10 or less |93.8 |3.938414797 | | |11 to 19 |88.5 |3.979112129 | | |20 and above |79.2 |4.184627954 | |Male |10 or less |92.7 |3.433495142 | | |11 to 19 |89.7 |2.406010991 | | |20 and above |91.2 |3.224903099 |

The results showed that the group with the highest mean score in Math was the one for female in a classroom of less than 10 students while the females in a class of greater than 20 students had the...

References: Freund, E. and Walpole, E. (1987). Mathematical Statistics. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice Hall
Triola F.(2009).Elementary Statistics (11th Edition). New York, ACM
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