Ancient Rome and Wealthy Roman Women

Topics: Ancient Rome, Roman Empire, Roman Republic Pages: 3 (469 words) Published: November 17, 2013
Europe/Mediterranean Civ.
Tiber River/ Good land / Climate/ Food surpluses – reason for quick growth and expansion Motive for expansion was Domination of the Mediterranean trade

Political Practices
Roman Republicanism (senate) Vs. Hellenistic Absolute Monarchy (legacy) Republic- government of elected officials an elite class 1st representative form of gov’t – Republic – led by Senators Aristocrats voted into office by citizens Roman Empire – First Emperors /Julius Caesar, Octavian (Augustus) military dictators–Empire is centralized by the Emperor limited power of the Senate Roman Military- Legions regulated borders /Political Power of Rome often was contested between military Generals Pax Romana- Golden age of Rome during the empire

Superior discipline and order- Military

Social Structure
Society was divided into Citizens and non-citizens – society was hierarchal Laws of nation- equal laws throughout the empire
Rulers/Bureaucrats/military/farmers, traders/ foreigners and slaves Rural farmers and Urban Poor, Wealthy Romans and Slaves- Wealth and ancestry/heredity determined a person’s place in society. The Wealthy Spoke Greek and learned to read, studied philosophy, and literature, as well as math and sciences (high Culture) Elite Plebeians-poor - Masses 80% low culture

Patricians- rich- (high Culture) Elite dominated government and local towns 20%

Gender Relations
Patriarchal society- males domination/ over his wife and children Women could not vote/women could divorce/ women dependent on fathers/Brother’s will until marriage Roman women were freer than Greek Women generally/ Poor women were freer than the wealthy Roman women had influence within the family

Religious Practices
Polytheism initially- Worship of Gods similar to Greek Gods
Christianity – later Adopted by Emperor Constantine

Roman Strength was in the field of technology / Science
Civil Engineers /domes/Concrete/Bridges/Royal...
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