Ancient Rome and Ancient China: Their Contributions to Western Civilizations

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Ancient China and Ancient Rome:

Their Influence in Eastern and Western Civilizations

Sonya Boone

Strayer University

Ancient China and Ancient Rome:

Their Influence in Eastern and Western Civilizations

The ancient countries of China and Rome shared a specific time of social and economic prosperity; China’s Han Dynasty and the Roman Empire. Both were able to succeed in flourishing where other countries failed due to their strong military and government prowess. With an insatiable desire for to land domination, they were able to expand there territories further than any other country had before. Additionally, at the height of their rule, it is estimated Rome’s population grew to 56 million people and China exceeded 65 million people (McLaughlin 2008). Unfortunately, the continual expansion of territories made the ability to control their land effectively impossible. Like most great runs, all good things must come to an end; the empires eventually fell but managed to leave a considerable legacy behind. Rome and China, two of the most powerful and thriving ancient civilizations, can be compared by the influences and contributions they have made to western and eastern civilizations respectively. Christianity is one of the most significant contributions of ancient Rome to western civilizations. When the emperor Constantine recognized Christianity as the preferred religion of Rome, Christianity flourished. Although the United States has no official religion, the majority of Americans consider themselves Christian. Furthermore, The Christian faith is also ranked first among the worlds major religions with approximately 2.1 billion people in the world falling under the umbrella of Christianity (Religion 2008). Latin, while not commonly use as a vernacular, is still widely used in the Roman Catholic Church; the Vatican occasionally delivers Mass in Latin. Though not related to religion, Latin is also widely...

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