Ancient Roman Urban Planning

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Medieval History, Castles

~ The Medieval Period of History ~
The Middle Ages is a period in European history
which, along with its adjective ‘Medieval’, was first
referred to by italian scholars and academics of the
late fifteenth century. They were basically stating
that the society in which they now lived was
significantly more civilized and advanced in many
ways, than that which had existed during the previous
thousand years. This may have been true within
certain elite sections of Italian society which had
begun to emulate the art and philosophy of ancient
Greece, but generally in Italy and Europe overall no
all-pervading change had occurred.

Castles &
Religion, Monks
& Monasteries
Art History
Legends + Myths

Historians since that time have, however, used the
terms 'middle ages' and medieval as a convenient way
to refer to that general period in European history.
It has been regarded as extending approximately
from the end of the fifth century AD, when the
control of the Roman Empire had ended, until the end
of the fifteenth century AD, when the modern world
was considered to have begun.
The concept that a new age had commenced across
Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire, along with
its laws and control of society, may be quite a valid
one. However the idea that something revolutionary
happened relating to philosophy, art, literature,
science, religion and civilization generally etc at a
certain date in the fifteenth century has much less
Nevertheless, historians since the fifteenth century
have put forward various convenient but arbitrary
events and dates to contain this period.

Wars &
Food, Drink
& Cooking
Farming &
Life of Nobles
& Peasants
Clothing &
Medieval History

The Beginning of the Middle Ages...
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