Ancient River Valley Civilization: Egypt

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Ancient River Valley Civilization: Egypt
By Mykayla

The Beginning
Early people were nomadic hunter-gatherers and lived off the land. Over time, nomadic groups and hunters began to settle. The pastoral society helped to further tie groups to specific areas of land. The raising of farm animals created tensions on nomadic peoples to find large and reliable food sources to feed their growing number of animals. Disadvantages at the arrival of civilization were that they were unusually aggressive, babies were greatly dependent for many years on adult care, and they were aware of the big probability of death. Nonetheless, they had several advantages, such as opposable thumbs, ease of reproduction, the ability to adapt to the changing world around them, and most of all, the improvement of the brain and speech. This ability to communicate really drove them in a new direction. In the Old Stone Age (Paleolithic age), humans were evolving, starting in present day Africa. Humans spread from Africa roughly 750,000 years ago and developed survival techniques such as speech and fire. Over a few thousand years, these innovations, and other factors, led to what is known as the Neolithic Revolution or the Agricultural Revolution. The Rise of a Civilization

There were four major River Valley Civilizations around the world, of them the Egyptian or the Nile Valley civilization developed, as the name suggests, along the banks of the river Nile in Egypt. Its long, narrow flood plain was perfect for life, attracting people, animals and plants to its banks, and providing ideal conditions for the development of stable societies. Seen as a gift from the gods by the people, the annual flooding of the river deposited nutrient rich silt over the land, creating again, ideal conditions for growing wheat, flax and other useful crops. Evidence suggests that the region was inhabited as far back as 700,000 years ago by Neolithic and Paleolithic Man. Geological evidence indicates that the...
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