Ancient Olympics GAmes

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Ancient Olympics The first ancient Olympic Games can be set back to 776 B.C and went on until 393 A.D, according to historical records. The Games lasted for twelve centuries and were dedicated to gods of the Olympians. As these games went on, Olympia became the site of these ancient games. The site of the Ancient Olympics is located in the western part of Peloponnese. According to Greek mythology, Peloponnese is the island of Pelops, the founder of the Olympic Games. Olympia, Greece is where there were ancient Greek gods. The central part of Olympia was dominated by the temple of Zeus. The ancient games enjoyed a good tradition and aimed at having good relations between the cities of Greece and showing physical sports and watching the performances that the youth did. The Olympic Games were held in four year intervals at the ancient stadium in Olympia that could hold more than 40,000 people. The places around the ancient Olympic stadium were continuously developed until the 4th century B.C and were used as training places for athletes or to become homes for the Olympic judges. The Ancient Olympics were not international and they allowed only free men who spoke Greek to be in the Games. The games had a little bit of a spirit as they included people from other Greek cities. The Olympic Games originally had just one competing event, the ‘stadion’ or ‘stade’ race. It was a short race having the distance of 180 or 240 meters or the length of the stadium. It was only rarely that the rules were modified for the stade race and other sporting events were also introduced. Other running events that were in the Ancient Olympics were ‘dolichos’, which was similar to what we now call a marathon event; ‘diaulos’ or two stade race and ‘hoplitodromos’ in which the athlete wore the heavy armor some of the time or all the time,they carried a shield and was also equipped with greaves or a helmet. The other popular events that were added to ancient games were boxing, chariot

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