Ancient Olympic Games

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1.Say whether the following statements are true or false. Find the lines in the text that support your answer. 1. In fact, such sports as lacrosse, field hockey, bowling and horse racing were invented by the American Indians. 2. Many different sports were developed in Britain in the 19th century. 3. The headquarters of golf is located in Great Britain.

4. Two types of rugby football differ from each other only in the number of players. 5. Before 1865, brutality was a characteristic feature of prize fighting. 6. Cricket is widely spread in the English-speaking countries. 7. Schools and colleges in England followed similar institutions in the US in the revival of sports. 2.Choose the correct variant.

1. Competitions involving physical strength___________________ A. have interested people since the 19th century
B. date from prehistoric times
C. were initiated by the American Indians
2. Interest in sports and games increased_________
A. as a result of greater participation in them
B. during the 19th century
C. due to the improvement of the facilities and wider coverage of the events 3. The phrase "Administered by Jockey Club" means:__________ A. the Jockey Club applies the rules
B. the Jockey Club grants the awards
C. the Jockey Club controls horse racing
4. Sailing events in Great Britain include:____________________ A. regattas
B. rowing races
C. swimming and windsurfing
5. What is the idea of the second to last paragraph?_____________ A. The revival of athletics in England and the US.
B. Professional and amateur sports in the US.
C. Sports as a part of the educational system in the US.
6. Which of the following is not true?__________________
A. The chief professional sports in the US are baseball and American football. B. The principal amateur sports in the US are college football and basketball. C. Among amateur sports for individual competition are boxing, wrestling, golf, tennis and hockey.

3.Look through the text and find the English equivalents of the following word combinations. 1. Требующие физической силы и выносливости. 2. Относиться к доисторическим временам. 3. Широкое освещение в средствах массовой информации. 4. Участвовать в соревнованиях на кубок мира. 5. Развивать командные виды спорта. 6. Возник в Шотландии (Англии).

7. Открытый чемпионат по гольфу.
8. Считается самым важным соревнованием по теннису в мире. 9. Установить правила.
10. Календарь соревнований по гребле. 11. Водные виды спорта.
12. Возрождение спорта.
13. Представлять важную часть образовательной системы- 14. Заниматься спортом для развлечения. 15. Основные любительские виды спорта.

Text B.
The Olympic games
Pre-reading. Learn how to pronounce the following words and word combinations: religious, Zeus, javelin, Olympiad, Hellenic calendar, controversies, enthusiast, inauguration, officiating

The Olympic Games were originally an ancient Greek religious festival in honor of Zeus, which was held in Olympia near Mount Olympus, the mythical home of the gods. The Games were first held in 776 ВС. They were held every four years, in the middle of the summer. The festival was only held if there was peace throughout Greece. The ceremonies included contests in oratory, poetry, music and art, as well as in athletic skills like wrestling, throwing the javelin, and running. The Olympic Games were an exclusively male festival. Women were not allowed to compete in the Olympic Games, or even to attend and watch them. The victors were traditionally crowned with olive leaves rather than with gold medals. Their importance in Greek life was so great that the Olympiad, the four-year interval between Games, was a main unit of the Hellenic calendar. To be a victor in the classical Olympic Games was a great honor not only for the athlete but also for his city. The classical Games continued for over a thousand years. Factionalism and controversies over the...
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