Ancient Mesopotamian Religion

Topics: Mesopotamia, Enki, Mesopotamian mythology Pages: 4 (1375 words) Published: November 12, 2008
There is a basic start to religion. People wonder about why a certain object or person acts as it does, and then comes with an idea on why they do. Sometimes these ideas maybe supernatural in making and this took place around the fourth millennium according to Britannica for the Mesopotamians. The next stage was to view the supernatural beings as humans and giving them their own special powers and functions and this took place during the third millennium (Bottéro). The final transformation for the Mesopotamian gods and goddesses to go through was during the second and first millennium and this dealt with sin and forgiveness; the gods became an absolute monarchical structure, and the people faithfully believed in them (Bottéro). This is how the Mesopotamian religion got its start so long ago.

The acts of nature that the Mesopotamians viewed everyday were attributed to the workings of their gods and for that reason that is why there are so many different ones. There were four gods that were the highest of them all. These were the sky god Anu, the overarching bowl of heaven, Enlil, seen as the most powerful, who could produce raging storms or act to help man, Nin-khursag, the goddess of Earth, and the last was Enki, the water god and the patron of wisdom (Jacobsen). These gods did not act alone however because there were so many functions to be done but consulted with the assembly of fifty, the Annunaki (Jacobsen). The gods would work together to influence the Mesopotamian world but there were also demons in which were created by the gods that could affect the people. The demons had the body of a human but possessed the head of another animal or bird, some of them were good and would help the humans, while others were there to make their life harder (Widengren). The people of this time also believed in monsters that were the combination of animals and birds that would terrorize the humans (Widengren). The gods were in the lives of the Mesopotamians and ruled...
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