Ancient Mesopotamia vs. Ancient Egypt

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Ancient history Pages: 3 (1241 words) Published: December 27, 2010
Throughout history there has been a tremendous amount of civilization eruptions, eruptions as in complex creations of diversity. Mesopotamia and Egypt may very well be considered some of the world’s most profound ancient civilizations dating all the way back to the beginning of time. In other words, Mesopotamia and Egypt both had a severe impact in the expansion of agriculture, development of advanced technology, as well as the social hierarchy system; all which are still present today. Agriculture began in Mesopotamia where the environmental factors may have favored this particular region; although Mesopotamia had cool rainy winters and hot dry summers this weather did not encourage an abundance of plant life. Many factors contributed to the invention of agriculture. One main factor was the fact that hunting and gathering provided a more stable food supply, another being that there was a certain amount of cereal grains located in the Middle East; Both factors led to the allowance of more permanent villages for the people to settle down in. Being able to settle down, however, only increased the growing population because of the fact that women could produce more children in a more permanent environment. Therefore the villages grew needing more food supply than the hunting and gathering method could supply. Through it all, the people were given the opportunity to discovery that not only seeds grow into plants but also it provides food from both sources. Many civilizations from then on continued to follow hunting and gathering lifestyle mixed with some casual agriculture such as scattered seed along their river banks or fields and coming back in a few months to harvest. Agriculture in Egypt was very similar but the Egyptians did invent an animal-drawn plow to make planting a lot easier in their harsh soil. The Egyptians had a method of having the men cut the grain, when it was ripe of course, with a sickle and having woman pick up the cut grain and tied into...
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