Ancient Judea Geography

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The kingdom of Judea has always been the center of attention due to its geographical location and fertile lands. In 586 BCE Babylon king conquered Judah. In 538 BCE, Cyrus the Great of Persia conquered the region. He was admired by common people kind acts concerning citizens of Judea. He ordered the exiled Jews to return from Babylon to their homeland. Also, Jewish temple was rebuilt. In 332 BCE, Macedonian ruler Alexander the Great destroyed the Persian Empire, gained control over Judea. But after his death, Hellenistic empire divided three parts. Under the competing Greek rulers, Judea suffered a lot, temples were desecrated as to impose Greek culture. This provoked Maccabean Revolt (166 B.C.E) to end Greek rule. Jews took control of Jerusalem. Following the victories, the Seleucids restored autonomy to Judea, the Land of Israel, Jewish independence was again achieved, the kingdom regained boundaries, Jewish life flourished and all lasted about 80 years.

Over the long period of time, The Romans expanded from the political unit
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Having to access Mediterrain Sea both nations economically well developed. Ancient records agriculture and sheep farming being practiced in that area. Civil war tore Judea in two but later again Pompey the great take over the land and assigned client king. The political system of Rome was monarchy like a political system of Judea. But it was overthrown in 509 B.C.E. There was a great emphasis on social status in Rome, Even though later plebeians gained the right to vote. The political system of Rome was one reason to the greatness of Rome compared to the monarchy in Judea which lead to civil war and division of the state. Roman life revolved around the city of Rome its theaters, gymnasiums. Romans also famous for its architecture. In another hand, the temple of Judea was one of the famous landmarks of

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