Ancient History (Sennacherib)

Topics: Assyria, Irrigation, Esarhaddon Pages: 6 (2103 words) Published: October 15, 2012
Essay C
Evaluate the ancient and modern interpretations of Sennacherib’s effectiveness as a ruler. There are many ancient and modern interpretations about Sennacherib’s effectiveness as a ruler. Sennacherib was a king from 704 BCE up to 681BCE. He accomplished numerous things for Assyria such as, the expansion of the empire, build water supplies to the city and the gain of support from the gods to the Assyrian people. The ancient and modern interpretations provide many information’s about Sennacherib’s building projects, military and religious role. Sennacherib was a very effective ruler and this will be assessed throughout this essay.

The ancient and modern interpretations reveal significant information about Sennacherib’s effectiveness as a ruler. Sennacherib was a very effective ruler; this is shown through the ancient and modern interpretations. Sennacherib was effective in his building projects. One of the king’s roles to be an effective ruler was to have building projects. Sennacherib achieved this in construction of a palace in a new capital into a new capital and the establishment of canal and irrigations. The palace in Nineveh ‘Palace without Rival’ is the evidence of Sennacherib new capital. Sennacherib’s palace was very decorative, elaborates, very well organised and provided with everything that the palace required. The palace provided significant information and meaning to the king Sennacherib; it shows his power and strength. An ancient interpretation form Sennacherib’s annals state “Sennacherib, king of the world, king of Assyria: At the command of the god, while limestone for the construction of my palace was discovered in the district in the Balatai. I had men from enemy towns and the inhabitants of hidden mountain regions, conquest of my hands, wield iron… and I had great aladlammu [bull lammassu] figures made from the gates of my palace.” This quote shows what materials Sennacherib used to build his palace with the limestone and iron. It also reveals the process Sennacherib went through to get these materials and the transformation of the lammassu. This quote is very useful because it shows the care of Sennacherib to his palace and the significant of his palace by obtaining materials from different countries. This source is very reliable as it provides information about the palace and its materials. Another source support by Russell states ‘the colossi [lamassu] world probably have been the single most impressive feature of Sennacherib palace’ (p.115). The effect of the lamassu is welcome the visitors to the palace have been historic. This quote is showing the significant of the lamassu in the palace as it is one of the most important part in the palace. Another Sennacherib’s building project was the canals and the irrigation. This building project was a public work. The water supply was very important concern for Sennacherib because the emphasised peace and wealth with Assyria also they were a subject in the reliefs within the palace. Russell state “Sennacherib… who builds Assyria, who completes its cult cities;… who digs canals, opens irrigated fields, and makes irrigation ditches murmur [with water]; who established prosperity and abundance in the wide croplands of Assyria; who put irrigation water in the fields of Assyria where, from days of old, no one had seen, no one had known, those who preceded me had not made, canals and irrigation in Assyria; the one who builds masonry structures,…” This source reveals that Sennacherib builds Assyria with canal and irrigation for the city. This source shows that this irrigation of water was very easy and water was smooth to pass through the city. Moreover, it also shows that Sennacherib was the first king which established the canals and irrigation for the city. Through the establishment of the canals and irrigations it come wealth and perfusion to the city. This is significant because it shows that Sennacherib was a successful builder and smart king....
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