Ancient Greek vs Ancient Chinese

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Both Ancient Greek and Ancient Chinese are remarkably magnificent, a billion people believe the intellectual from Ancient Greece and Chinese traditional thoughts. The achievements of ancient Greek and Chinese from 2000 years or more before are remarkably different. Those civilizations were formed in different regions and climates with different ancestors. In some parts, of course, they have similarities. For example, both developed with empire. Ancient Greek's political approach shares some similarities with the Confucianism of China in a sense. However, Ancient China and Ancient Greece were vastly dissimilar. The basic ideas of both civilizations that I learned in the class are those. In Ancient Greek, they emphasize on personal identities. Ancient Chinese emphasize on collective identities. In political view, China built a strongly centralized bureaucratic system which is strongly supported by hierarchy and obedience. In contrast, Ancient Greece valued on participation, including the idea of citizenship. Here I would like to make it clear that what are the differences between those in specific areas, like science or medicine or so on. In addition what are the causes of these differences. Geoffrey Lloyd and Nathan Sivin mentioned that Greek was not required to produce any "formal qualifications" in order to teach or to practice as a philosopher or scientist or doctor. As they mentions, there are different actions to develop science and medicine.

At first, Ancient Chinese were not helpful as Ancient Greek were in the development of science. The great inventions of scientific discoveries can be attributed in the discovery of the nature itself. The Greeks defined that nature is universe minus human being and their culture. No other civilization, including Chinese civilization, came up on it. The reason why this definition is generated is because they had a clear understanding of subjectivity from the tradition of debate. So they remarkably divided the...
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