Ancient Greece

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World History
Unit 3 Portfolio
What’s the Difference: Civilization Comparison and Contrast Part 1: Summarizing Key Differences Between Greece and Rome Unit 3, lesson 5: Complete the Ancient Greece and Rome Reteaching Activity (Venn Diagram).

5 points
During the remainder of the unit, you should work on parts 2 and 3 of the portfolio project.
You will submit your work for Parts 1–3 via a dropbox in Lesson 11 of Unit 3. Part 2: Choose two of the following civilizations.
Ancient India
Ancient China
Arab Empire
Heian Period (Japan)
Holy Roman Empire (Charlemagne’s rule)
Create a chart or Venn diagram that highlights the similarities AND differences of your two chosen civilizations based on the topics of your choice listed below. Choose two of the following topics:

Impact of geography on empire (examples include impact of resources, topography, location, or regional characteristics on development of civilization) Political leadership (examples include leaders, laws, military, type of government, war, and relations with other countries)

Society (examples include the roles and legal status of women, class structure, and family life)
Religion/Philosophy (examples include religious beliefs and practices, ideas regarding humans, life on earth and/or the after life)
© 2009 Connections Academy®, LLC. All rights reserved.Cultural Achievements (examples include writing, construction of cities, literature, art, architecture, and oral traditions)
Economics (examples include trade, currency, occupations, and resources) 20 points (10 points per topic)
Part 3:
Choose one of the topics (cultural, political, society, economic, religion, geography) you chose for comparing your selected civilizations.
Write a short essay that compares and contrasts your selected civilization on that topic of choice.
Here are two examples of possible comparison topics:
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