ancient greece

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I have one question. Have you ever wondered about ancient times if people had governments? Well I can tell you this Ancient Greece certainly had government all right. REPORT
Greece had no central government. In fact Greece was even considered one whole group. Each city-state had its own government and was also known as a polis. There were 3main types of government: Monarchy, oligarchy, and democracy. Each city-state made their own laws. The hierarchy was always the government or the king. For each city there were different ways of punishing people for breaking different laws. Also there were different ways of making laws too. There was also aristocracy and tyranny. Tyranny was a minor type of government but aristocracy was kind of big but wasn’t a big boy. Only men could participate in public things. Also you had to be a citizen, not a servant, and basically everything is men only. I do NOT know why! Women did not participate in anything in public. Only men were citizens. A few city-states were rich. Greek government usually established cities where good harbors and fertile soil is. Most people were poor compared to the rich.

In Athens democracy seemed simple. In Athens all citizens could vote and make speeches rich and poor. Also every citizen could help make decisions on whether to declare war or not. If they did decide to declare war it comes down to the ten military commanders and or STRATEGOI. Every year new strategos are elected but the same person can be elected over again. Also in democracy the people held meeting and assemblies. But in assemblies only 500 council members could go. Many governments ha treaties with one another that way they could live in harmony together and unite that way if an enemy comes both can help fight. Did you know? that democracy was intruded by an aristocrat named Cleisthenes Bibliography:my amazing brain, you, books, and technology.

Bibliography: my amazing brain, you, books, and technology.
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