Ancient Greece

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Introduction page
I chose the civilization Greece because it was interesting. Special features about Greece are statue, temples and other public buildings. Greece was a peninsula was surrounded three ways of water because it was surrounded by water it help them with their trading system. You can learn about their religion that was about the Greeks believed their gods controlled the human and natural worlds. History

490 B.C. Athenians win the battle of marathon. 800 B.C. Greeks use an alphabet. 1050 B.C. Dorians move into Greece 1500 B.C. Mycenaean civilization thrives in Greece. Different city-sates had different forms of government, including monarchy, rule by aristocrats, and oligarchy. Athens developed limited, direct democracy. An important date is 1200 B.C. because the first Greece civilization Peloponnesus collapsed. There aren’t many records during that time because they stop writing records. Geography and Climate

The main lands of Greece are peninsula, Peloponnesus, isthmus all around the sea. Greece coastline is Piraeus, near the capital of Athens. There are many islands that belong to Greece; some of them are Anafi, Delos, Iso, kea, Paros. Greece hand no long rivers. Greece has mild, rainy, winters, and hot dry summers. The weather and climate in Greece affected the geography and its crops because the coldest weather would be 50 degrees and the hottest was 80 degrees. Also, there are many mountains and rocky places. Cities

Some major cities are Peloponnesus; Peloponnesus was named after one of the most important city, Mycenae. It was built there because they had good sources of trade. Another major city was called Phoenicians. As well as Peloponnesus they had good sources of trade because they lived near the coast. Economy and Industry

The majority earned their livings by becoming sailing and shipbuilders. They built sailing ships for...
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