Ancient Forms of Story-Telling

Topics: Fable, Parable, Parables of Jesus Pages: 4 (1237 words) Published: February 1, 2012
Ancient forms of Story-telling

I. Read the Resource: About Ancient Forms of Story-telling.
II. Answer the following questions:
1. What are the characteristics of the ancient forms of story-telling? 1.In the early years, the story telling was told orally because of the illiteracy of the society (very few knew how to write and read). 2.Stories where passed from generation to generation

3.The fable was one of the early forms of storytelling
4.Greek and Asian stories of magical transformations where popular. 5.The plot is summarized
6.The setting neither characterization aren’t important
2. Read the examples of ancient forms of story-telling (Resource: Examples of Fables, Parables, and Tales)

Fables:"The Appointment in Samarra" and "The Wolf and the Mastiff," Parable:"The Prodigal Son"
Tale:"Godfather Death"
3. Summarize what happens and explain what the teaching is in each one. 1. The Appointment in Samarra
In the Appointment in Samarra there is a merchant that sends his servant to the marketplace for provisions. In the marketplace, the servant encounters Death and threatened by her runs to Samarra. The servant comes to the merchant telling him what happened and the merchant goes to the market. He then finds Death and ask her why she made the threatening gesture and she responded that it wasn’t a threatening gesture she was only astonished to see him in Baghdad because she had an appointment with him in Samarra. Lesson: If something is destined to happen it will happen, you can’t run from destiny.

2. The Wolf and the Mastiff
The Wolf and the Mastiff is about a skinny wolf and a fat dog that meet one night. The dog tells the Wolf that it would be easy for him to be fat like him. They trotted off together and the Wolf noticed a bare spot on the dog’s neck. The wolf asks the dog what was it and the dog responded that it was a consequence of the collar he wears when he is tied up. The wolf thought that the dog could run when he wanted so...
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