Ancient Egypts Effect on Modern Society

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Ancient history, British Museum Pages: 3 (975 words) Published: March 31, 2012
The museum has always been a place for all different types of people from the public to go and appreciate art and feel reconnected with the past. People may go to the museum for these reasons or a variety of others. But for whatever reasons they choose to go to the museum it always has an influence on that person’s relationship between them and the history they viewed. Specifically speaking the museum has a big influence on the public and Ancient Egypt. The museum is already a place of history and mystery and Ancient Egypt is one of the most mysterious ancient cultures. With so little known about these ancient people it only makes sense that the museum would be a good place to strengthen that feeling of mystery.

Ever since the modern discovery of Ancient Egypt the public have been fascinated by the mystery left behind by these ancient people. The modern public is always interested in learning about Egypt. Weather that be from books to movies or trips to the museum the general public uses a variety of methods to learn about the Ancient Egyptians culture.

Stereotypically speaking when most people talk of Egypt they think of mummies. Most people one speaks to have generally the same depiction of what Egypt is in their heads. So a lot of times people don’t really know the truth about Ancient Egypt. And that is where the museum comes into play. The museum has always been found as a viable source of accurate information regarding history. So in today’s media rich society most people who are really curious about learning about Egypt would rather visit the museum rather than pick up a book on Egyptology and read it. The museum is a good place to start for people to go and observe visually what is left of Ancient Egypt. And these exhibits help to construct an idea of what this Ancient civilization was truly like compared to the entertainment industries depiction of it. This act of going to the museum to fulfill ones curiosity on the subject is just one way the...
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