Ancient Egyptians

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Ancient Egyptians and the “Quest for Immortality”

“Sometime in the next 20 to 30 years or so we'll be able to recondition ourselves for the first steps towards immortality.” (Hill 2010) The quest for immortality is a question asked by ancient civilizations and even pondered by philosophers of our past. No other civilization put a greater influence to this than that of the ancient Egyptians. The ancient Egyptian people have not only believed in this but framed their entire culture around the idea of immortality. In fact, it can even be said that the zeitgeist of the Egyptian culture was that of immortality. Through the understanding of what the importance of this was to this culture, their way of achieving immortality, and finally the everlasting impact of such way of life we can fully understand the Egyptian quest for immortality.

The Egyptian culture was rich in civilized traditions. To this day the grand pyramids and tombs of the past dead can be visited throughout the world whether on display in a museum or at a site that has undergone excavation. The Egyptian culture believed in many gods and those gods gave them a meaning of life so to speak. The important gods that everyone hears about is Ra, the sun god, Osiris, the god that judges the dead, and even their pharaohs were considered godly. Chiefly among these beliefs was that of immortality. The idea that the soul will live on past the physical form if all conditions are meet is held at the highest level in Ancient Egyptian Society. This level of thinking made this civilization believe that this life was not the end. The biggest understanding was that the overall goal of life was to live a virtuous life in a sense and be able to ascend to the afterlife. The human form takes higher precedence over all other things according to this civilization. If you do not get allowed into the afterlife you are reincarnated either as a lesser form and have to work your way up the food chain or as a human...
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