Ancient Egypt - the Great Civilisation of Our Time

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Ancient Egypt – The Great Civilisation of Our Time
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Nicholas Wynne-Markham
Mr Hall

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The Ancient Egyptians were the fathers of organised society. As the definition of civilisation suggests, “Civilisations are the social process whereby societies achieve an advanced stage of development and organization”. ( The Ancient Egyptians developed into a civilisation through these main areas – * Social order by having a unified political system

* Language
* Cultural development
* Architecture
* Technology, medicine, and mathematics

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'Egyptian language'
in hieroglyphs|
The evidence of such development proves that Ancient Egypt was indeed a civilisation amongst civilisations. The Ancient Egyptian political system was first developed around 3150BC when Upper and Lower Egypt united under the first Pharaoh. The history of Egypt has occurred through different periods of stability and instability. The periods of instability are called the intermediate period. The first Intermediate Period was between 2181–1991 BC. Ancient Egypt reached its highest point of success during the Middle Kingdom (2134–1690 BC). During the second Intermediate Period (1674–1549 BC) and the Hyksos, there was some unrest, however this all changed during the New Kingdom (1549–1069 BC), Third Intermediate Period (1069 – 653 BC). During the late Period (672 – 332 BC) Egypt was conquered by many foreign invaders. After Alexander the Great’s death, Ptolemy Soter became the new ruler and the Ptolemaic dynasty was born. When the Ptolemy collapsed due to the Roman invasion the Roman Period began and Egypt became known as a Roman Province. Even though Ancient Egypt went through some turbulent times during its history it did show signs of greatness as a civilisation. The pharaoh was usually depicted wearing symbols of royalty and power. The pharaoh was usually depicted...

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