Ancient Egypt Notes

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Akhenaten, Tutankhamun Pages: 2 (435 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Ancient Egypt 10000-1075 BCE
* The Nile Dominated the Egyptian World.
* The Nile was divided into the upper and lower regions
* The Nile symbolize the life blood in Egypt
* Each city had its own patron Deity
* City’s encouraged people to go on pilgrimages to their city’s via the Nile in order to increase economic activity in the city * The Nile was a lifeline for trade, politics, irrigation, etc. * Animals came to be seen as representation of the Gods on Earth * Afterwards, the upper and lower regions were unified and the position of “Pharaoh” ruled all of Egypt * The position of Pharaoh remained stable

* The Pharaoh was supported by a large bureaucracy
* The Pharaoh was a divine being, a link between the people and the Gods * Regular gifts to the God was common
* Egypt’s economic was centered around Gods.
* Things were made for the temple, the temple would then in turn distribute the currency, items, etc. to the common population * Temple priests regulated the functions of each individual in the city * Strictly hierarchal

* Women worked in ancient Egypt. Have higher status and more legal rights than any in any other culture during the time * Women couldn’t be scribes, weren’t literate, could serve as priestesses, enjoyed personal freedom, own property, file for divorce, hold shops and businesses in their own names, and worked side by side with men. Women even served as Pharaoh. * Egyptians wrote on papyrus using Hieroglyphics

* Scribes had formal and normal Hieroglyphics
* Egyptian’s were united towards 1 common goal: to prepare the Pharaoh for the afterlife * Pharaoh controlled the nature of the Nile
* Life and Death in Ancient Egypt:
* Scarab Beetle was a symbol of life and of perpetual renewal * Egyptian life was centered around rebirth
* They believed the afterworld lasted forever, and the physical life was very short * “ka”- life force “ba”- body
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