Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Ancient Near East Pages: 2 (360 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia have many similarities, but also many differences. They had similarities in social values, religious views and economic surplus, and differences in social values, political values, writing, religious views and economic surplus; they had more differences than similarities.

In ancient times, they did not have money; but in order for society to function, they would have had to have something to barter with. Both societies treasured land, livestock and droops. Both societies main economic surplus were crops. Although, in Mesopotamia, they had to irrigate the crops manually, and in Egypt, the Nile River flooded and irrigated the crops.

All throughout history women have been fighting for equality. Even today women still have to fight against stereotypical injustices. In ancient Mesopotamia, women were not treated as equals. When they settled into one area, they ate more and exercised less. This caused them to gain weight. The more weight the women gained, the more they were able to have more children, which prevented them from working as much; because of this, the men thought of women as inferior and saw them as property. This was very different in ancient Egypt. There, women were treated much more fairly. They were given many more opportunities, some women even became pharaohs.

Mesopotamia was divided into city-states and governed separately. Egypt was led by one central ruler, the pharaoh. The people of Mesopotamia wrote in cuneiform, while the Egyptians wrote in hieroglyphics. These two styles of writing were similar, but not the same.

Many civilizations in ancient times were polytheistic; Egypt and Mesopotamia were two of them. In Egypt, they believed that how you acted on earth affected your afterlife. This was because most Egyptians led happy, simple lives. In Mesopotamia, they believed that no matter how you acted on Earth, you will be tortured for eternity. This was because most people’s lives were very difficult...
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