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Egypt is a country that is situated within the North Africa mainly. It is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, Sudan to the south, Israel and Gaza strip to the northeast and Libya to the west and red Sea to the east.

It is one among the most populous countries in Africa and the Middle East. The best monuments in Egypt are the Giza pyramid complex and it Great Sphinx were built by the ancient civilization of Egypt. The best tourism spot in Egypt is the Red Sea Riviera. When talking about the economy, it has one among the most diversified in the Middle East.

To have a better understanding of Egypt, we shall go into the history of Egypt. Around 3150 BC, a unified kingdom was formed by King Menes that led to a series of empire that ruled Egypt for about the next three millennia.

The Egyptian culture was flourished during this period and it remained distinct in all aspects like religion, arts, customs and language. The first two dynasties constituted the Old kingdom and they have constructed most of the pyramids in Egypt.

The daily life in Egypt revolved around the river Nile and due to the yearly flooding, it several rulers. There was the Roman and Ptolemaic Egypt and the last ruler of that era were enriched the land and thus made it very fertile for cultivation and this bought good wealth to the land.

The heights of prosperity were during the reign of the Pharaoh Amenemhat III. A Pharaoh is considered as the most powerful person who was both a political and religious leader of the Egyptian people. Before being a republic, Egypt was ruled by the Cleopatra VII. Then there was the Arab and Ottoman Egypt where Egypt was conquered by the Arabs and Muslims and they ruled for another six centuries in Egypt bringing Muslim religion in the country.

In 1517, the Ottoman Turks conquered Egypt which leads a major devastation of the country. With the French invasion by the Napoleon and later Commander...
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