Ancient Egypt

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The Egyptians enjoyed laughter, and were happy, relaxed, and passive people. They were slightly built people and stood about 1.67 meters (5 feet) tall. The Egyptians divided themselves into lower, middle, and upper classes. Unskilled laborers, who worked on farms, were part of the lower class. The people in the middle class were: manufacturers, craft workers, and merchants. The upper class citizens were the wealthy Egyptians, often made from: army officers, doctors, government officials, important priests, royal families, and rich landowners. Slaves were allowed to get married and inherit land, own personal items, and can be given freedom. The inventions that Egyptians made were: a 365-day calendar, basic form of arithmetic, and papyrus. These are all the things about what the Ancient Egyptians were like.

The inundation is when rain and melting snow from the Ethiopian Mountain flow down into the Nile River. There were different amounts of water in every inundation. When there was not enough water crops would die. When there was too much water animals and people would drown. Alluvium was a material provided by the flooding. This material was useful for the construction of buildings and homes, and making bricks. The Nile River provided a place to catch food such as birds and fish. It was also a good highway for moving people and goods.

Rich Egyptians lived in large villas. Middle-class Egyptians, lived in 1 to 2 storey houses, with at least 3 rooms. Straw pebbles, and mud from the Nile River were used to make strong bricks for building. Not all Egyptian homes were elaborately furnished. Rich Egyptians were often entertained in their large living and dining rooms. A brazier was held in the middle, which held fire, to provide heat during the wintertime. A rich Egyptian family relaxed on a raised platform in the living room, which had...
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