Ancient Dynasties in China

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The government in ancient China was established by Dynasties. Dynasties were mostly a sequence of rulers or emperors from the same family. As I said, a Dynasty was ruled by an emperor. This emperor had total control of the land and would make all the final decisions. Some of the most popular Dynasties in china were: •Xia Dynasty About 1994 BCE - 1766 BCE

Shang Dynasty 1766 BCE - 1027 BCE
Zhou Dynasty 1122 BCE -256 BCE (skipped because Celeste did it) •Qin Dynasty 221 BCE - 206 BCE (skipped because Celeste did it) • Han Dynasty 25 AD - 220 AD
Sui Dynasty 589 AD - 618 AD
Ming Dynasty 1368 AD - 1644 AD
Qing Dynasty 1644 AD - 1912 AD
The Xia Dynasty was the first dynasty in the history of China. There is no real archeologal evidence of this dynasty but it is said to be that the Xia ruler was overthrown when he started mistreating his people. The first real evidence found was of the Shang Dynasty. This dynasty mainly ruled the northern part of china, it was based a lot on agriculture like; millet, wheat, and barley were the primary crops grown. In addition to the crops, silkworms, pigs, dogs, sheep, and oxen were raised. Apart from this the Shang Dynasty also had a lot of income from metallurgy. Some things like bronze ships, weapons, and tools were found from that time. This dynasty was a society where the kind ruled over military forces. This was called an aristocratic class. Under this class came the priest class. The priests were mainly in charge of religion but also keeping records for the government! The religion in this dynasty was based on a worship of many gods, there were many gods but the main god was known as Shang Ti, the lord on high. The fall of the Shang dynasty was much like the Xia dynasty except the ruler wasn’t overthrown but killed by another smaller kingdom. After the civil war China had, which lead to the death of the leader Qin Shihuangdi, china was reunited by the rule of the Han dynasty. This dynasty is divided...
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