Ancient Civilizations

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Athenian democracy Pages: 5 (1331 words) Published: November 20, 2013
World History H
27 September, 2013

Comparing Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece

Alexis Windle
Mr. Schugsta
World History H
27 September, 2013
Word Count- 1,332

Thinking about ancient civilizations is rather puzzling for me. Imagine no technological ways of communicating and not having many people to communicate with anyway. In the simplest ways, the first groups of people were able to create rather complex and often successful ways of life. From the first governments and militaries to early architecture and social roles, even trying to eat safe foods, it is incredible how many early civilizations flourished. In this paper I will be comparing Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece, two of the most successful and iconic ancient civilizations in history.

Government is the backbone of anything and everything. Ranging from the strict structure of North Korea’s totalitarian government to the anarchy of Somalia, a civilized group hinges on the rules and regulations they are held to. The beginning and most broad characteristic on any government is its category. Ancient Egypt was a theocracy, a government based on leaders of religious importance. Ancient Egypt was entirely based around religion. Religion is said to be so integrated into the culture that there was no separate word for it. The government was based upon a single ruler, the Pharaoh. The Pharaoh had complete control of the government and was viewed as a living God. Priests and holy men were utilized in most of the Pharaoh’s wishes. Ancient Greece was set up similar to our modern day democracy. With three branches, the Ekklesia, the Boule, and the Dikasteria, groups of men were used to control the government. The Ekklesia was a general assembly of sorts. Any male citizen could be in attendance for the meetings. “At the meetings, the Ekklesia made decisions about war and foreign policy, wrote and revised laws and approved or condemned the conduct of public officials. The group made decisions by simple majority vote.” (A&E TVN). The second branch, the Boule, had representatives from each tribe, very similar to the US House of Representatives. Daily meetings were used to carry out the majority of government work. The Dikasteria was a court jury. Using majority vote the Dikasteria carried out judgment for the court of law. (Schugsta, Attic Designs, A&E TVN).

Military is a child of the government; a strong government often means a strong military and the poorest countries often have enslaved and undersupplied militaries. Ancient Egypt was an often peaceful civilization, under few threats and not involved in any famous battles, their military is not a very popular topic of research. Ancient Egypt was a powerful civilization, equipped with advanced minds and technology ahead of others, they had some of the most advanced weapons of the time. While under very few threats, they were always ready to fight. From arrowheads to stone maces to some of the first sharp blades, Ancient Egypt had an advanced arsenal. Ancient Greece was quite different. While they shared advanced and useful weapons, they are iconic for their military involvement. Extreme emphasis was put on men to be warriors. “Each warrior fought for personal glory instead of in an organized formation. Battles usually started with taunts and jeers, followed by duels between Champions.” (Ancient Military). Another advancement in Greek warfare was armor, often passed down through families, if it was of high quality, or obtained through the military; armor was very important to ward off attacks from short swords or spears. Most leaders of Ancient Greece were militarily focused, resulting in a powerful and dominating empire that lasted hundreds of years. (Ancient Military).

Architecture is the first thing in most people’s minds when it comes to Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. From pyramids to the Parthenon, both civilizations included abundant and beautiful...
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