Ancient Chinese Great Inventions

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In today’s society there are great inventions or contributions to be thankful for. Ancient Chinese have created inventions that have changed the world, and the USA with items that are used daily. Among those inventions were the deep drilling for gas and the parachute as well as tea which will be explained later in the essay. Deep Drilling for gas was a technique developed in 100 BC, for the use of drilling for gasoline which runs most of the world. The parachute was invented in the Second Century BC and was used for recreational apparatuses for thrill seeking Chinese (Hays, 2006).

Also among these contributions are the helicopter rotor and propeller, paper, and the seismograph. The helicopter rotor and propeller was invented in the Fourth Century CE and was a common toy called the Bamboo Dragonfly and now is used in modern aeronautics. The Seismograph was invented in the Second Century CE by Chang Heng to give warning of an earthquake. Paper which was called papyrus was invented around 105 AD, which became the common form of writing materials for records and books (Needham, 2012).

Additional contributions made by the Ancient Chinese were gunpowder, rudder, fireworks, and the compass. Gunpowder was not designed for war uses but as elixir for immortality, unfortunately the only thing it did was explode. Gunpowder is assumed to have been invented around the same time as fireworks. Fireworks was invented in the seventeenth century BC as entertainment, but was later used to scare off enemies in times of war. The rudder although unclear when invented was invented to help turn a boat, and now even planes. The compass invented in the Qin Dynasty by fortune tellers who used it to construct their telling boards, today the compass is so useful in navigation (Hays, 2006).

There are many useful inventions that the Ancient Chinese has created but the four most significant ones would be paper, gunpowder, compass, and deep drilling for gas. With these inventions major...
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