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ancient china

By sofor Dec 03, 2013 261 Words
Ancient Greece
2000 B.C – 300 B.C
Location: In Europe near the Mediterranean Sea

Economical aspects:
Agriculture: olives= olive oil, cereals, grapes.
Livestock: horses, cows, lambs.
Art crafts: pottery
Trade: by the Mediterranean Sea to Europe, Asia and Africa.

Political aspects:
Democratic government: people can vote for their rulers.

Social aspects:
1. King
2. Nobles
3. Traders
4. Workers
5. Slaves

Cultural aspects:
Polytheists; Greek mythology, main gods:
a) Zeus: king of the gods, the ruler of Mount Olympus, where all the gods lived. b) Hera: goddess of marriage
c) Aphrodite: goddess of love

They create the Olympics games

Arquitecture: They built great temples for their gods.
Example: the Parthenon, crated for Athena (goddess of wisdom) Literature: Homer
Example: Iliad and Odyssey
Science: Pythagoras was example of math studies.
Example: Euclid, father of the geometry.
Philosophers: Plato, Socrates, Aristotle.

Ancient Rome
2000 B.C--450
The Roman Empire occupied what is today Italy, part of France, part of England, part of Asia, (turkey) and Egypt.

Economical aspects:
Agriculture: wheat, olives, apples, grapes.
Livestock: sheep, goats, cows, horses.
Crafts: pottery, jewelry weapons.

Social aspects:
1. Kings/ Emperors
2. Nobles= Patricians
3. Traders= Plebeians
4. Workers= Plebeians
5. Slaves

Political aspects:
1. Monarchy -750 B.C- 510 B.C
Kings rules every land

2. Republic -510 B.C – 27 B.C
Kings rules but with the senate, following a Constitution.

3. Empire- 27 B.C- 450
Many lands were conquered the rulers were the emperors.
They were great soldiers
1ºst Emperor: Augustus
Cultural aspects:
They were polytheists up to the year 312 (Empire period), when the emperor Constantine adopted the CHRISTIANISM Architecture: Roman Coliseum, a circus for the Roman Society. Literature: Horace, Ovid, Plutarch.

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