Anatomy Unit 1 Assignment

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Anatomical Regions, Directions and Cavities of the Human Body

Calvin Williams

HS120 Unit 1 Assignment

Kaplan University










            For this assignment I will be describing and discussing the major anatomical regions, directions and cavities of the human body. I will first start with listing the anterior, which means in front, anatomical regions.

            These are the list of the anterior anatomical regions starting from superior, toward the head, to inferior, towards the feet: The frontal (forehead), orbital (eye), nasal (nose), buccal (cheek), oral (mouth), mental (chin), cervical (neck), acromial (point of shoulder), sterna (breastbone), thoracic (chest), axillary (armpit), mammary (breast), abdominal (abdomen), brachial (arm), antecubital (front of elbow), antebrachial (forearm), umbilical (navel), pelvic (pelvis), carpal (wrist), pollex (thumb), palmar (palm), digital (fingers), coxal (hip), inguinal (groin), pubic (genital region), femoral (thigh), patellar (anterior knee), crural (leg), fibular, or peroneal (side of leg), pedal (foot) which has the tarsal (ankle) and digital (toes), and hallux (great toe). This concludes the anterior direction of the anatomical regions.

            These are the list of the posterior, which means in back, from superior to inferior:  otic (ear), occipital (back of head or base of skull), acromial (base of shoulder), vertebral (spinal column), scapular (shoulder blade), brachial (arm), dorsum or dorsal (back), olecranal (back of elbow), lumbar (loin), sacral (between hips), gluteal (buttock), perineal (region between the anus and external genitalia), femoral (thigh), popliteal (back of knee), sural (knee), calcaneal (heel), and plantar (sole).

            I have already discussed the superior, inferior, anterior, and posterior directions of the body. Here is a list of the other anatomical directions of...

Structure and Function of the Body, 13 Edition Chapters 1 & 2
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