Anatomy of a Jury

Topics: Jury, Lawyer, Judge Pages: 4 (1706 words) Published: December 3, 2006
Seymour Wishman was a former defense lawyer and prosecutor, and the author of "Anatomy of a Jury," the novel "Nothing Personal" and a memoir "Confessions of a Criminal Lawyer." "Anatomy of a Jury" is Seymour Wishman's third book about the criminal justice system and those who participate in it. He is a known writer and very highly respected "person of the law." Many believe that the purpose of this book is to put you in the shoes of not only the defendant but into the shoes of the prosecutor, the judge, the defense lawyer and above all the jury. He did not want to prove a point to anyone or set out a specific message. He simply wanted to show and explain to his readers how the jury system really works. Instead of writing a book solely on the facts on how a jury system works, Wishman decides to include a story so it is easier and more interesting for his readers to follow along with.

Seymour Wishman does not point this book in the direction of any specific audience. He simply is trying to explain to those potential jurors and also the "ex-jurors" how the system of choosing a jury really works. Many do not know how the jury selection process takes place. Many people do not realize that the fate of a man or woman's life is in the hands of these twelve complete strangers. As for myself, I think that this book was not meant for a specific audience. I feel that all people should be educated in this specific matter of the jury selection process. Eventually, each person who has read this book or anyone who will read this book will have to serve on the jury one way or another. This book taught me a lot about the jury system that I did not know of. It helps that the author has had experience in this field and knows what he is talking about. If this book was not written by someone who has had experience I feel that it would be a little bit more difficult to relate.

Seymour Wishman breaks the book down into sections. The book is broken down into four main parts. He...
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