Anatomy of Dogfish

Topics: Muscle, Connective tissue, Jaw Pages: 2 (437 words) Published: August 2, 2010
Muscle| Origin| Insertion| Action| Description|
PARIETAL MUSCLES| | | | Completely coats the muscles|
DORSAL: Mass of muscles: extending into the fin| Fascia| | Abductor, levator, extensor of the fin| | Fin muscle| Metapterygial cartilage | Pterygiophores and ceratotrichia| | | VENTRAl side of the pelvic fin| From linea alba and pubioischiac bar| Pterygiophores and ceratotrichia| Depressor, adductor, or flexor | | Levator muscle| Scapular process of pectoral girdle and adjacent fascia| Pterygiophores| | Fanlike extensor| Depressor mass| Coracoids bar of the pectoral girdle | Pterygiophores| | Similar ventral flexor| BRANCHIAL MUSCULATURE| |

Ventral longitudinal bundles| Pectoral girdle| | | |
Branchial muscles| | | Operate the gill arches and jaws| | CONSTRICTOR SERIES| | | | |
Epihyoidean| Fascia; otic capsule| Hyomandibula| | |
Craniomandibularis| Otic capsule| Palatoquadrate cartilage| | a.k.a. dorsal constrictor; Front of epihyoidean | Quadratomandibularis| Palatoqaudrate catilage| Mandible( Meckel’s cartilage)| | Large muscle at the jaw angle| Preorbitalis | Chondrocranium| | | Aka (suborbitalis & levator labialis superiorismuscle); between the upper jaw and the eye; cylindrical muscle| Adductor mandibulae| | | Closes the lower jaw| Combination of quadratomandibularis and preorbitalis| Intermandibularis| Midventral raphe| Mandible | | |

Interhyoideus| | | | Thin sheet above the intermandibularis| LEVATOR SERIES| | | | |
Levator maxillae superioris| Otic capsule| Palatoquadrate cartilage| Raises the upper jaw| In front of dorsal constrictor| Cucullaris| Fascia of dorsal longitudinal bundle| Epibranchial cartilage| | Lying between the dorsal longitudinal bundle and inserts on the epibranchial cartilage of the last gill arch | Levatores arcuum| | | Raises the gill arches| This is the whole...
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