Anatomy- Blood and Heart

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Exam #1 Spring 2002 Anatomy and Physiology 2150 Dr. Jones

Choose the correct answer for each question and mark it on your bubble sheet. Be careful to follow the instructions on the bubble sheet for correctly recording your answers.

1.Which of the following statements is true?

A.Blood is an organ
B.Blood is a connective tissue X
C.Blood is composed of living cells only
D.None of the above

2.Which of the following would be considered a normal hematocrit?

A.45% X

3.Which of the following cells does not contain a nucleus?

C.Erthyrocytes X
D.All of the above

4.Which of the following is a function of blood?

A.Distribution of gases, wastes and hormones
B.Regulation of pH, body temperature and volume
C.Protection against infection
D.All of the above X

5.Which of the following is the most abundant constituent of plasma?

B.Red and white blood cells
D.Water X

6.Which of the following are functions of erythrocytes?

A.Transport of gases X
B.Buffering blood pH
D.All of the above

7.What is the structure of hemoglobin?

A.It is composed of 4 identical polypeptide chains
B.It is composed of 4 unique polypeptide chains
C.It is composed of 2 identical polypeptide chains
D.None of the above X

8.Which of the following statements is true?

A.Hemoglobin can bind up to 6 molecules of O2
B.O2 binds to the polypeptide globin
C.CO2 binds to the heme group of hemeglobin
D.CO2 binds to the polypeptide globin X

9.What is hematopoiesis?

A.The destruction of red blood cells
B.The production of white blood cells
C.The production of red blood cells X
D.The destruction of white blood cells

10.Which of the following statements about reticulocytes is true?

A.They mature into erythrocytes
B.They are present in the blood stream
C.They do not contain any organelles
D.All of the above X

11.What is the key signal that stimulates special kidney cells to produce erythropoietin?

A.A low erythrocyte count
B.Low oxygen levels X
C.Decreased white blood cell count
D.All of the above

12.What is the function of erythropoietin?

A.To stimulate the kidney cells to increase blood cell production B.To stimulate the liver cells to increase blood cell destruction C.To stimulate the red bone marrow to increase blood cell production X D.To stimulate the red bone marrow to decrease blood cell production

13.Which of the following disorders would most likely require treatment with Erythropoietin?

A.Kidney disease X
B.Liver disease

14.Which of the following would cause Jaundice (yellow coloring in the whites of the eyes)?

A.Excess urobilinogen in the intestines
B.Excess albumin in the blood
C.Excess bilirubin in the blood X
D.Excess hemoglobin in the blood

15.Which of the following anemias results in the production of small, pale red blood cells or microcytes?

C.Iron-deficiency anemia X

16.What is the cause of Sickle-Cell anemia?

A.Low iron in the diet
C.A change in one amino acid of the beta chains X
D.All of the above

17.Blood doping is……..?

A.A sluggish circulation of the blood
B.A method of increasing hematocrit X
C.Caused by cancer of the bone marrow
D.All of the above

18.What is Diapedesis?

A.Platelet aggregation
B.A hemorrhaging blood vessel
C.Migration of white blood cells out of the blood vessels X D.All of the above

19.Which of the following applies to White Blood Cells?

A.Have nuclei and organelles
B.Protect body from infection
C.Undergo leukocytosis
D.All of the above X

20.Which of the following cells is...
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