Anatomy and Physiology of the Breast

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Anatomy & Physiology Information Flipchart/Display

The Incredible Human Body Flip Charts

Your body is one of the most amazing machines you'll find anywhere! Fnd out what's inside of you, and learn about how your different organs work. Look at the clear plastic overlay charts to see how the different body structures fit together. And whenyou think you've learned everything, try out the Mix & Match Human Body Sticker Quiz!The is flipchart includes: 12 body charts, 5 seethrough layer posters and 18 reusable peel-off stickers.

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Anatomy & Physiology Game

The Body Game
03.04.001 Jane Bunting and Jane Coney

All children are fascinated by the human body and how it works. The Body Game is a fun way for children to find out about different parts of the human body and discover what these parts of the body can do. Designed for children aged 3 to 6.

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Anatomy & Physiology Model/Teaching Aid

Cross Section Heart Model

Female Reproductive Display

This soft foamed model separates to create a cross-section view of the heart for hands-on classroom demonstrations. The areas of the heart are labelled on the inside. Model measures 13cm in diameter. Ages 7+

The Female Reproductive Display effectively shows the parts of the female reproductive system, enabling teachers to successfully demonstrate the function each part has and process of fertilisation. Complete with 7 removable parts, 8 labels, teachers' notes and work sheet.Size 42 x 42cm.

Eye In Orbit

Flexible Spine

This model shows the eye with optic nerve in its position in the bone orbit (floor and medical wall). The eyeball is dissectible into both halves of the sclera with cornea and eye muscles, both halves of choroids with iris and retina, lens and vitreous humour. 3 times fullsize, with 7 parts. Dimensions: 18 x 26 x 1cm.

Flexible Spine with Pelvis: showing indications of spinal cord, nerve roots, vertebral arteries and prolapsed disc. Complete with stand.

Giant Three-part Ear

Female Pelvis

A detailed representation of the female pelvis (median section) with sexual organs is given in this two-part, life- size model. Its internal sexual organs, urinary bladder, and rectum are removable.

Dwarfing ordinary ear models, this nonbreakable polymer reproduction depicts the human organ of hearing and balance scaled to 5 times life size. Thirty-six hand-numbered features are identified in the accompanying key. Overall dimensions of GiantEar: 16 x 11 x 7 inches (41 x 26 x 18cm)

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Anatomy & Physiology Model/Teaching Aid
with a stand, and has movable arms and legs.

Head & Neck: Median Section

Organ Tunic
This model (median section of head & neck) is life-size and shows important anatomical details of the head and neck. 03.07.003 philip harris

This highly tactile resource, includes 11 velcro-on 3D organs and it is embroidered with a pelvis, spine and 3D ribcage. The intestine may be unravelled to show its length. Includes a set of 11 detailed labels and a reference sheet. Size 700 x480mm

Heart: Model

This heart model is enlarged to about twice natural size and can be separated into four parts, mounted on a base.

Pelvic Model

Male Reproductive Display

A convenient, portable model providing a 3dimensional visual aid, can be used to demonstrate the insertion and location of a diaphragm or intra-uterine device to patients.Includes an information Brochure

Pupils need to understand the process of reproduction; using this interactive display the main components of the reproductive organs are clearly demonstrated. Includes 9 removable parts, 9 labels, teachers'...
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