anatomy and physiology

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Shannon Green
Unit 7
Anatomy and physiology for health and social care
Task 5(M3) describe the routine care for each malfunction
Task 5 (D2) explain how the routine care given for each malfunction affects the body system

The person needs to stop smoking because cigarette damages the tiny hair structures in the lungs called the cilia, they the person continues to smoke the damage will stop the cilia from functioning properly and will increase the chances of condition worsening.

Drinking water
Bronchitis causes you to cough a lot and also bring up phlegm; drinking water will help to keep your throat moist and also reduce the heavy coughing, also to prevent dehydration.

The aspirin or acetaminophen should be taken if the person has headaches or fevers. If it’s a bacteria bronchitis antibiotics may be prescribed to kill the bacteria, however if it’s a viral infection. The doctor will prescribe you with an inhaler if the person has been wheezing. There are also medications you can buy without prescription this will help to break up or loosen the mucus the medication is called (guaifenesin).

Take plenty of rest
This is to help the persons breathing improve and to help the person feel relaxed as tension could trigger something off in the body and cause more problems

Medication will help relive any fever or temperature the person may have and also any aches and pains in the body. When a person with bronchitis stops smoking this will reduce the coughing as the smoke will not irritate the lung, it can take up to two years for someone who stops smoking to see the benefits of them stopping for example your coughing will reduce which will stop the stress which could help to keep your blood pressure down. Extras fluids are important for the body so that you keep hydrated as dehydration will aggravate the lugs and cause you to cough more. Getting enough rest is important as the body needs the energy to

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