anatomy and physiology

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“ Ageing is a continuous, complex, and dynamic process that begins with birth and ends with death. And unless we die in our early years, each of us will grow old and experience the effects of the ageing process”. (Pirkl, 2009).

The ageing process and why changes have taken place in the last fifty years. This report discusses the ageing process and why changes have taken place in the last fifty years. The ageing process is a change in an organism overtime and can be referred to as a multidimensional process of; (class notes) Maslow’s hierarchy is outlining what a persons basic needs to function and survive in life.

Physiological changes
Ways it affects are minds
The way in which we learn- lack of confidence
Problems sleeping
Body doesn’t function the same
Things slow down
Skin becomes thinner and less elastic
Digesting is slowed down
Higher risks of infection
Mobility problems
Warmth- some feel the cold more than others
How we remember things- could lead to loss of self esteem
A possible delay in how we respond - at times it takes longer to understand what is going on Intelligence- may tend to be more cautious
Our life skills- a support network is important
Causes of stress
The loss or grief of a certain person or persons- can effect our physical state Our social status- can feel very much alone
The changes in roles as we age- going from doing everything for other people to the compete opposite care giving- friends and close relatives are often the main caregivers Strategies to cope with stress in a healthy way

Importance of believing in yourself- a feeling of self belief goes a long way Coping mechanisms- finding ways to get through possible difficult times for example Social involvement- making sure you get out and about if able, don’t cut yourself off from society

Intellectual changes
Its not the quality of overall thinking that changes it the time of which it takes to do certain tasks It may affect the person if they are asked to do something new or something that their not quite sure about The ability to solve problems does decline when we age

Illnesses or diseases can effect older people such as dementia or Alzheimer’s The structure in which we do things may be affected
Importance of knowing how to take mediation correctly and being aware of any unwanted side effects that associate with prescription drugs. Emotional changes
Unable to care for themselves independently
Loss of a loved one
Anxiety problems
Changes in mood
Feelings of sadness
Lack of motivation
Losing any aspect of independence could lead to fearing that they cant look after themselves any more. Social changes
Few elderly say they are lonely
Families grow
Gradual isolation
Loss of status
New friends
Difficulty in getting to places
More things available now to interact with others if for example older people have difficulty hearing of seeing
Why are people living longer?
Better health care
Older people have a better social network
We know a lot more now about illnesses and diseases and how to treat or cure them More medicines out there now
Better care, closer to home
Better funding
Better care packages
Families do a lot of caring for their family member
a lot more information out there
Healthier lifestyles
Healthier eating
These are just a few examples of how and why we are living longer, below is a chart showing the increase in older people living longer over a period of years.

Source: office of national statistics.
Population ageing and causes
There is now a longer life expectancy
Elderly people are living longer and are living through diseases that previously they wouldn’t of survived Rapid increase of birth that occurred between 1947 and 1966 (baby boom) when reaching ages of 65+ the aging population will accelerate People are not getting married as young as they used to

After the second world war , their was a baby boom but now all those babies...
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