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Process Essay
Some people have special abilities. They can do something which are impossible to do for others. Most of Olympic athletes, famous actors and great scientist are included. They are professional in their own jobs. Some time they have High intelligence quotient (IQ) but all gifted work hard to reach their goals. Creating and nurturing a child with special abilities, has several factors .The first is recognize in early years, than nurture in childhood and their own hard work. Identify Child’s abilities in the first years is essential. The role of parents or guardian is important because they have responsibility in this situation, they are having appropriate. They can recognize gifted children and prepare their achievement way. Vigilant parents are watching their child's mental and physical growth carefully. If they see that their child is a quick learner and knows more than their age, they might take their child for the scales for rating the behavioral characteristics. Also they can test their child for childcare professionals. Child's intellectual growth specialists recommend best offer to parents for gifted child. A parent with a gifted child, knows that their child is truly extraordinary individual. Accurate learning program is the second characteristic for improving gifted person ability. Olympic athletes started their experience when they are in kindergarten. In recent winter Olympic (Sochi 2014) some medalist have the same common history. Biography of famous people such as actors, painters, musicians and sculptors show that they began being educated at a young age. Recently there are several education center to teach gifted children before they even go to school. Hard work during training program and continuing every day is the other characteristics of a gifted person. They have special training program with strong schedule. They have specific book or program. Their teacher have special...
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