Topics: Skeletal system, Muscle, Bone Pages: 4 (1099 words) Published: October 8, 2013
Biology 64 Instructor: Chooljian

Lecture Exam #2 Review

FIRST: Be sure to:Review the lecture notes and .pdfs
Know all anatomical terms in chapters in boldface type and be able to define them
Study the “Concept Check” at the end of each topic section in the text

Skeletal System (Chapters 5-7)
1. What are the functions of the skeletal system?
2. Know the terminology for a long bone (epiphysis, etc.)
3. What is periosteum? Endosteum? What structures/cells can be found in them? 4. What are the three types of cells found in bone and what is their function? 5. Compare/contrast the structure and function of compact and spongy bone. 6. Where would one find compact bone and why? Where would one find spongy bone and why? 7. Know the steps and cells/structures in intramembranous ossification. 8. Know the steps and cells/structures in endochondral ossification. 9. Know the steps and cells/structures in appositional bone growth. 10. How is bone growth regulated? With what cells?

11. How is bone repaired?
12. Know the classification of bones by shapes and the names of bone markings. Why do markings appear on bone?

Axial Skeleton
13. Know the two divisions of the skeleton and which bones participate in each division. 14. Be able to name the cranial bones and the facial bones. 15. What characteristics set apart a fetal skull from an adult skull? 16. What is the function of the hyoid bone and what sets it apart from every other bone in the body? 17. Name the bones, regions, and curves of the vertebral column. 18. What characterizes a cervical vertebra? A thoracic vertebra? A lumbar vertebra? The axis? The atlas? 19. Why is the wedge shape of the sacrum important?

20. How many pairs of ribs are there? Which are “true” ribs and why? Which are “false” ribs and why? What is a floating rib? A vertebrochondral rib? 21. What is contained in the costal groove?

22. Why is the sternal angle an important landmark?...
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