Topics: Human anatomy, Physician, Nursing Pages: 1 (456 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Anatomy and Physiology application when performing direct patient care A wise person once said “ In order to be a good nurse you have to know the human body and how it functions.” Meaning you should learn A & P (Anatomy and Physiology), Love A & P , and use A&P. Head to Toe assessments, nursing diagnosis and body mechanics are just some of a few areas of nursing that Anatomy and Physiology is really applied. Anatomy and physiology helps the everyday nurse perform his or her duties and be able to provide proper prudent care for the patient. One of the first if not the first duty for nurse to do with the patient is to do a head to toe assessment. It requires the nurse to assess the patient from head to toe, literally. Anatomy and physiology will let the nurse know the patient inside and out without the patient being there or before the patient is physically there with the nurse. When assessing the patient the nurse will review and inspect the patient’s body for any abnormalities or flaws that the patient may have. Once all the information and data is gathered about the patient, the nurse will be able to come up with a diagnosis. Anatomy and physiology really helps with this process that the nurse performs numerous times on a daily basis. Anatomy and physiology plays a huge role in formulating a nursing diagnosis. Assessment uses A & P a lot as was stated earlier. The diagnosis part of the process utilizes A & P fully to identify the patient’s problems and only a diagnosis can be formed. When planning a patient’s intervention and goal a good nurse will use A & P to choose the proper intervention needed for the patient to reach their goal when it’s all said and done. Implementation is when the nurse uses A & P to help him or her provide prudent and safe care for the patient. Last part of the nursing process is evaluation and A & P will tell the nurse if the patient is improving and healing from the interventions put in place. A & P is used throughout...
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