Anatomical Orientation

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Lab 1Anatomical OrientationName ____
For humans, anatomical terms are always referenced to an individual standing in what is known as the standard anatomical position.  Thus, for such an individual, the sagittal  (median) plane divides the body or an organ into left and right sides while a transverse (horizontal) plane  divides the body or organ into superior (upper) and inferior (lower) portions, and a frontal (coronal) plane  divides the body or organ  into anterior and posterior sides.  Other useful anatomical terms include medial (toward the center of the body), lateral (toward the side of the body), proximal (nearer to the reference point) and distal (further from the reference point).  Thus, the outside of the leg is the lateral surface while the inside is the medial surface, and the distal end of the humerus (the arm bone) articulates with the radius and ulna of the forearm, while the proximal end fits into a socket in the scapula. In a human, anterior describes structures nearest the front side of the body, and posterior describes structures toward the rear, or backside, of the body. The terms dorsal (backside) and ventral (“belly”) are used interchangeably with the terms posterior and anterior. The sternum (breast bone) is on the ventral side of the body and anterior to the vertebral column, while the scapula (shoulder blade) is on the dorsal side of the body and posterior to the clavicle (collarbone). The terms superior and inferior refer to the location of structures along the long axis of the body. Superior structures are above other structures and inferior structures are below other body parts. Thus, in humans the nose is superior to the mouth, and the toes are inferior to the knees. The terms superficial and deep describe a structures relationship to the body surface and the deepest part of the body. The skin is superficial to the skeletal muscles and the heart is deep to the sternum. Finally, the terms proximal and distal refer to the location of a structure nearer, or further from, the trunk or nearer/further from the point of attachment. For example, the fingers are distal to the shoulder while the elbow is proximal to the fingers. All these terms may seem confusing at first, but as we work our way through the human anatomy, they will be vital to understanding the location of body structures. For all questions, type your answers into the yellow box ____ (including your name above) it will expand as you write. [pic]

Go to the website
Go to Learning Modules
Choose Anatomical Orientation (choose only one answer for each question) Complete the module and list your answers below. Please enter A, B, C, D, or E as your answer.

1. _B_

2. _A___

3. __B__

4. _C___

5. ___A_

6. __A__

7. _C___

8. _B___

9. _D___

At the website
Go to Learning Games (choose only one answer for each question) Under Who Wants to be a Millionaire Doctor?, click on Anatomical Orientation. Play the game and list your answers below. Please enter A, B, C, D, or E as your answer.

1. ($2,000) _A___

2. ($4,000) _C___

3. ($8,000) _C___

4. ($16,000) _D___

5. ($32,000) __A__

6. ($64,000) _D_

7. ($125,000) _A_

8. ($250,000) _B___

9. ($500,000) _D__

10. ($1,000,000) __D__

Surface Anatomy
Match the letters to the appropriate body
surface landmarks.

Anterior Body Landmarks There may be more than one answer but choose only one answer for each question. Please enter A-AA in space provided.

_F___ Abdominal: Anterior trunk inferior to ribs

__H__ Antecubital: Anterior elbow surface

__E__ Axillary: The armpit

__G__ Brachial: The arm

__R__ Buccal: The cheek

__J__ Carpal: The wrist

_C___ Cervical: The neck region

_X___ Coxal: The hip

__D__ Deltoid: Rounded area of shoulder

__K__ Digital: Fingers or toes

___Z_ Femoral: Thigh

___AA_ Fibular: Side of the leg

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