Anaphora in the Ballor Ot Bullet

Topics: Social movement, Rights, Malcolm X Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: September 20, 2012
In the Ballot or The Bullet, Malcolm X uses several different rhetoric techniques to get his points across and create excitement in those who hear it. On the last page he says “And this time they’re not going like they went last year. They’re not going singing “We Shall Overcome.” They’re not going with white friends. They’re not going with placards already painted for them. They’re not going with round-trip tickets. They’re going with one way tickets. And if they don’t want that non-nonviolent army going down there, tell them to bring the filibuster to a halt.” This paragraph is an example of and anaphora. Each sentence begins “they’re not.”

Having this repetition shows them that things aren’t even close to how they were before. A lot of the stuff they had or were able to do before is no longer plausible. This can motivate the audience to change their opinion on the non violent approach they have attempted for so long. It can cause them to want to take action in their own communities and their own lives instead of waiting around for politicians or other people to take charge and make changes happen.

He uses this scheme to persuade the negro community that the non-violent approach is no longer and option for them and if they really want to get anywhere with the civil rights movement its time to move on and get things done by “whatever means necessary.” He’s showing them that the marches and other movements they’re attempting now are different than the ones they were able to complete in the years before. People are becoming more impatient and intolerable of what the Negro community is doing to receive their freedom and equal rights. Times have changed and now its time for them to take a new approach on things rather than the non violent one they have attempted.

Throughout this paragraph he is showing his fellow Negro community that people don’t care anymore, and people are starting to get fed up with the civil rights movement. When he says, “They’re not...
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