Analyzing The Mother's Embrace By Nabil Anani
Topics: Family, Marriage, Mother, Woman, Short story, Wife / Pages: 1 (175 words) / Published: Dec 1st, 2016

The "Mother's Embrace" by Nabil Anani is a painting depicting a woman who seems to be carrying a whole city in her arms. It could be interpreted as her way of showing her devotion to her hometown, to the freedom of the Palestine in Jerusalem that is the heart of conflict between Palestine and Israel. Her head is bent to the side towards the city she is carrying with her right hand, in my opinion as a way of showing her affection to it despite the conflict destroying her home. Another key element of the painting is the women's dress. The bottom part shows different sections with different people in each part of the dress. This leads us to believe that the people represented are her family or the people she values which she decides to move on

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