Analyzing Self-Concept

Topics: Individual, Belief, Person Pages: 3 (1076 words) Published: December 6, 2011
First Short Response Paper
Interpersonal Communication

Analyzing the idea of self-concept; which encompasses the ideas of values, attributes, and beliefs that all add up to create the individual that I have become; I consider the progress that I have made thus far. See, I believe that I have transitioned to become a different woman that has very different beliefs and values in different arenas of life. According to the book, self-concept is defined as a multi-structural aspect that refers to the perception that one has of oneself. When I was a younger girl, my core belief structure was doing activities, jobs, and experiments that allowed for an increase in my growth, basically activities that I only benefitted from. My major basis for living was achieving goals that would allow me to become an instrumental individual in the world. Although my core belief is unchanged (achieving major success and growth) my underlying goal has changed dramatically. My overall goal for myself is becoming a lady who has instrumental impact on the lives of others which will in turn allow me to grow by seeing the progress in others. In exploring my belief structure, I find myself adhering to a core principle “Doing unto others, the way that you would want them to do to you”. For me to continue to achieve this belief, I have adapted a positive, optimistic, driven, goal-oriented, self-sustaining, and independent attitude. While these sounds like positive characteristics, some negative traits have hindered me in achieving my major goal. These include being overly driven, under valuing the opinions’ of others, over analytical, and unsatisfied with specific aspects of my life. In surveying my attributes, I defined myself as a positive individual, which has been reflected about in my high level of self-esteem. I understand that for me to go to the next level, my negative attributes have to become opportunities that will increase my self-concept and further my self-esteem....
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